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Under 5 Class

Developed in conjunction with an Early-Childhood Educator, our Under 5 program incorporates the basic elements of dance. This class introduces our ‘stars in the making’ to the world of dance while they enjoy the structured program.


Under 6 Class

This class focuses on basic dance technology and skills, while working on developing coordination, musicality and performance within a fun structured environment.


PreSchool Tap & Ballet

We follow a syllabus for these classes (Australian Teachers of Dance) With the aim to introduce smaller children to the basics of ballet/tap. The syllabi includes activities that enable the children to explore space, develop musicality and improve co-ordination in either tap or ballet.


Performance Troupe Classes – (Jazz, Classical, Song & Dance, Contemporary)

Our performance troupe classes encourages confidence, commitment and teamwork. Students in these classes learn a number of different dances in all styles of dance (Jazz, Classical, Character, Contemporary, Singing and Theatrical). The school performs these dances in competitions throughout the year, as well as at the end of year concert.


Technique Class

In these classes we concentrate on technique, flexibility and other skills that will be used in performance troupes.


Tap Performance Troupe Classes

Students in these classes learn dances, which involve tapping (tap, and Song & Tap). The school performs these dances in competitions throughout the year, as well as at the end of year concert.



Classical Ballet – Grade Classes & General Classes

Classical ballet forms the basic technique for all styles of dance. We teach two methods of Classical Ballet, Borovansky method of classical and the Australian Teachers of Dancing Syllabus.



Tap Classes – Technique & exam classes

This is a very high-energy style of dance, where rhythm, style and technique are intertwined to let your feet play the music. In these classes the technique of tap is taught to students. At Accent the ATOD method of tap is taught and examined.


Street Beat Tap

A funky style of tapping has been designed to add a modern feel to the traditional tap. It is a relaxed style, which is all about rhythms, and includes industrial “Hoofing” at its best. At Accent the ATOD method of tap is taught.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop dance combines ultra funky movements to produce a high energy, rhythmic dance style. Constantly evolving, it is a funky and soulful expression of movement. Popular and fun, we incorporate the ATOD method and students can sit examinations if they desire



Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. It teaches the students to connect the mind and body through fluid dance movements. Contemporary dancers focus on floorwork, using gravity to pull them down to the floor. 



Musical Theatre Classes

Focus on voice and acting. Student explore exercise, movement, acting and singing designed for Musical Theatre. Students will develop their performance skills and confidence for being on stage.



Classes are available for all levels of dance, incorporating a blend of technique, strength and style. At AOD we incorporate the ATOD syllabus with this great style of dance.


Stretch and Flexibility

This class works to increase flexibility and strength for students and is open to all ages.



We offer our students the chance to increase flexibility, stability and strength, as well as learning some tricks and acro and gymnastic moves (ie Jumps, leaps etc), which compliment our dance technique and add to the students repertoire. These lessons are instructed by a qualified gymnastic coach.

Private Lessons

These classes are available in 15min (for under 8 or younger) or 30min blocks. They are available in all genre of dance and can be used for competition work or just to improve technique.


Singing Lessons

Lessons are available with our singing coach. Private lessons, or up to 4 students per class can be arranged.


Pilates is a body conditioning class that incorporates muscle control, breathing, flexibility, strength training and body awareness.