Pre-pointe Assessments

Pre-pointe assessments and Pointe Preparation Programs are invaluable to the student and their family. Students who go through this process have a safer and far more successful transition into pointe work and parents can feel assured that they are being monitored very closely and moved into pointe shoes only when they are absolutely ready.

A thorough assessment with Kelly, our dance physiotherapist, is vital to properly determine the safety, individual readiness and suitability for beginning pointe work.

After the assessment, a plan including home exercises is created for each dancer that specifically addresses areas which need work. There may be biomechanical and anatomical issues that need to be addressed and, always, there is work to be done on core control, balance, turn out and ankle strength!

Re-assessments will take place during pointe classes throughout the term and their exercises will be progressed as appropriate for each dancer. They may or may not be ready to commence en pointe by the end of term, but safety and injury prevention are a priority.


Pre-Pointe Assessment:

Performed in small groups at the studio, the cost is $45 per student which can be receipted by Kelly and then claimed through your private health fund.