AMT Course

Accent on Dance is proud to announce it’s


Experience the world of music theatre through exciting classes, energetic routines, staged performances and workshops with industry professionals.

A balanced curriculum which teaches the fusion and application of Acting, Dancing & Singing with an insight into theatre terminology, costume, make-up, history and experiencing all genres of music theatre. Specifically designed classes allow the focus on providing the opportunity for everyone regardless of background, age or experience to receive professional training.  This class is the perfect basis for those wishing to further their musical theatre skills, increase their confidence in auditioning, improve their solo performances for competitions and most of all, have some fun!

The skills they learn will not only be used through the theatre but with everyday life.  They will gain confidence to speak in a crowd, or an interview and gain the ability to grow in a one on one situation.

Every week students will receive tuition in singing, acting and dancing and then the fun of putting it all together.They will make friends, learn new skills, improve stagecraft and work your way towards becoming a triple threat - While having a GREAT time.

With industry veteran Bec Schembri (an accomplished choreographer for over 30 years with companies such as Disney and Warner Brothers)  at the helm, students will receive outstanding professional training each week  in singing, acting and dancing, working towards two performances on the stage at our studio to showcase their craft. 

Whether you are simply wanting to build your confidence on the stage, hone your current theatre skills or simply have some fun, this is the class for you.

Friday Nights 2020 – 4.30 -8:00pm


The Details:


Two age groups:

8 - 11 years - Fridays 4.30 - 8:00pm

12 - 16 years - Fridays 4.30 - 8:00pm



$355 per term payable at the start of each term

Costume for performance (minimal)



As the class will be performing, it is important that participants are committed to their weekly training, attendance and any homework such as learning lines/songs etc.  A Sunday rehearsal may also be called prior to each performance if deemed necessary. 


Bec Schembri


Bec has been a dance teacher with 32 years of teaching experience. Teaching from ages 3 yrs to 70 years old. 

She has choreographed for major companies, such as Disney and Warner Brothers. Producing shows for holiday programmes as well as shows interstate. Her experience has also bought her to Work on major Australian television productions. She has Choreographed over 150 musicals and has  choreographed for well known Australian talent for many Corporate functions working with companies such as Essential Talent and Ding productions

Bec has performed and produced many shows both locally and overseas, with her own performance career spanning over 20 years. Working in Musical theatre, Television and Theatre Restaurant. Her talents have produced many students that have now reached successful careers in the performing arts Industry, which is where Bec finds her happiness, giving the knowledge of musical theatre.

She has owned her own performing arts school, Creative Souls Theatre, for 10yrs, reaching up to 300 students. She was Dance Director for 14yr period controlling and directing over 800 students in a year for Mighty Good Productions and Johnny Young Talent School 

She is currently teaching jazz & tap at Accent on dance and loving this family school.  


If you think this would be a great class for your child or teenager, please don't hesitate to

call Trisha on 0426 071 234 or email